Why The Vote On Fees Initiative Matters

It’s time to put an end to massive fees and enterprises being used to grow our state budget while avoiding voter approval under our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).

Colorado’s state legislature uses the word “FEE” to grow state programs and spending without having to ask Coloradans for the permission to raise taxes required under our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. Massive revenue increases like FASTER (car registration) fees, are taxes coming out of our pockets to pay for state programs, and should go through the same voter approval process as all tax increases. It’s not complicated — just ask the people. 

Two-thirds of state revenue now falls outside of TABOR. We need to do a better job of managing our state’s more than $30 billion budget. The status quo of continuing to grow and create new state programs and finance them off of “fees” needs to end. 

Our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is the only thing standing between responsible Colorado taxpayers and an out-of-control state legislature. The Vote on Fees initiative holds legislators accountable to the law by strengthening voter oversight. 

Proposition 117 requires all new state enterprises (funded by fees and surcharges) with revenue of $100,000,000 or more in the first 5 years to be placed on the ballot.


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"Coloradans are tired of state legislators evading TABOR and growing the budget through large fees and enterprises, and it’s time we bring this issue to the ballot box."
Michael Fields